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Who We Are

In a world besieged and trapped more than was foreseen by an outlier effect (the most extreme of possibilities in any system), the response globally to the deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to cause havoc across our planet besides the battles for political superiority by superpowers for geographical conditions, i.e. Space (land, sea, cyberspace and outer-space) and, importantly, technology supremacy.

We must realize that we have built no protection, from an all-embracing safety and security risk point of view, to deal with such catastrophic crises. 

That error, in strategic terms, not to forecast and be prepared for such eventuality - be it man-made or natural - has brought about global uncertainty and a very strange and acute despair seriously questions who we are, and how we arrange lives.

Our 'current situation' of a global meltdown affects our very continued existence. This obliges leaders in all walks of life to create new constellations, new ideas, new insight or thought about Life as it will no longer be "business as usual".

Leading international experts in various disciplines and fields must urgently collaborate and coordinate under the umbrella and guidance of independent experts to focus on providing courageous leadership in these times of looming havoc and catastrophe for one thing is certain: we will not be in any position to simply carry on in  a sustainable manner as before. The sheer conundrum, and  global complexity we face will be systemic, concern major issues, problems or situations with multiple components that are “entwined” or joined in a myriad ways because of our inter-connectedness, impossible to separate..

The challenge now is for leaders to meet the expectations of future societies. 

Something has to be done. We have come this far and look where we are? Our current situation - in global lockdown - is unbearable and cannot be permitted to continue. So, how do we continue. How do we approach our future?

This dilemma was the beginning of what Pierre Hough, founder of GlobeStrat embarked on. He set out to find a resolution to a global dilemma. The GlobeStrat initiative will, once the think tank is ready to move into action, roll out on a country, regional and transnational basis to make a difference in this world. 

Imposing as that may seem, success will only be achieved one step at a time - a luxury we can ill afford in times of global crisis. Decades of study at leading universities and business schools of the world have prepared him for this daunting task that require visionary strategic thinking, sheer guts and determination. 

But that effort cannot be undertaken alone - a team of the most influential and respected independent experts, from across the globe with advanced strategic thinking ability and recognized accomplishments in their respective fields, will partake in the Programs and Projects to be launched. 

His credentials are available at The credentials of independent, internationally recognized experts to partake in this initiative will be added as this website is developed.