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The world, officially, is in a global economic recession.

That necessarily means we are forced to make decisions with an extreme survival mindset. It is therefore imperative that we must achieve large ends with limited and scarce resources. As time goes by resources are steadily depleted. Jobs are lost. Companies file for bankruptcy. Civil disorder and internal strife in the battle to survive erupts, all over.

And so, the cost to set about doing the right thing is not only about employing the finest competencies, for we must find ways and means of surviving financially to avoid lasting damage to financial and economic systems. 

Amidst all that can go wrong and dreadfully wrong, we have to find solutions to complex challenges and muster resources to turn the tide of global economic recession. This will require concerted and co-ordinated efforts at all levels and pillars of society.

Cost therefore is not a factor that can be predicted with any certainty. With large scale change, it is of fundamental importance to understand that in order to bring about transformation means there are political, economic and financial costs in addition to psychological costs since deep change exacts a heavy toll.