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Pierre Hough
Founder & CEO
Multidisciplinary Strategist & Jurist

One of the officers of the South African Special Forces in mid 70's, he thereafter studied MBA at the University of Stellenbosch Business School (1983-5). He is a multidisciplinary strategist (since 1980), a jurist and practitioner in international commercial arbitration. A highly experienced litigator, he studied at leading universities, business and law schools of the world, inter alia Harvard, Harvard Business School Online, The Wharton School, Stanford, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Yale, Yale Law School, MIT, Florida State University, School of Law, Copenhagen Business School, The University of Law (LL.M in Legal Practice (Conflict Resolution)). 

His special interests are in Justice, Leadership, Governance, Economics, Law,  Ethics Business Management, International Law, International Commercial Arbitration, Contemporary Geopolitics, Constitutional Law, International Relations, International Human Rights Law, Military Strategy, International Risk, Safety and Security, Globalization and Negotiation. 

He is an Operator member of the SA Special Forces Association, the International Bar Association (IBA) and the International Human Rights Institute (IHRI).

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1. Quo Vadis: Into the future (Under construction)

2. Technology Governance Duties for the 21st Century

by Dr Ferdie Lochner (PhD)

Prof Dr Theuns Pelser
Independent International Expert on Strategy and Marketing


Professor Theuns Pelser was appointed at UKZN from 1 April 2015 as the Dean and Head of School for the Graduate School of Business and Leadership. He is currently a Strategy Professor in the School. Prior to his appointment, he was the Director of the Graduate School of Business and Government Leadership, North-West University, South Africa. Before that, he was the Head of Regenesys Business School (RBS) and Strategy Manager at Sasol.

He holds a PhD in Strategic Management from the Potchefstroom University, which he obtained in 2001. Prof had published more than 70 academic peer reviewed papers and supervised 29 masters and doctoral students that resulted in the conferring of degrees. He received two best paper, overall winner awards, during the last four years at international conferences. He is a reviewer for various international academic, peer-reviewed journals.

Academic Qualifications:
  • PhD (Potchefstroomse Universiteit vir Christelike Hoër Onderwys)
  • MCom (PU vir CHO)
  • B.Com Hons (PU vir CHO)
  • B.Com (PU vir CHO)
Research Interests:
  • Strategic Management
  • Strategic Marketing Management
  • Technology & Innovation Management
Recent Publications:
  • Burger, F.J. Pelser, T.G. and Ellis, S. 2019. Organisational alignment of South African mining organisations. South African Journal of Business Management, 50(1): 14.
  • Matthysen, A.M., Pelser, T.G. and Prinsloo, J.J. 2019. Key relationship principles for retail tenants and shopping centre management. Journal of Contemporary Management, 16(1):73-105.
  • Burger, F. and Pelser, T.G. 2018. An organisational alignment framework to improve South African mining companies. Proceedings of the 12th International Business Conference, Le Maurice, Mauritius, 23 – 26 September 2018. (Best Paper Award).
  • Beukes, J., Prinsloo, J.J. and Pelser, T.G. 2018. Customer service expectations from South African alcoholic beverage suppliers. Alternation, 25(1):127-153.
  • Burger, F.J. and Pelser, T.G. 2018. A conceptual framework of organisational alignment to improve South African mining companies. African Journal of Business and Economic Research, 13(2):141-162.
  • Mfikwe, N.M.G. and Pelser, T.G. 2017. The significance of emotional intelligence and leadership styles of senior leaders in the South African government. Journal of Contemporary Management Issues, 22(2):115-126.
  • Pelser, T.G. 2015. Strategic technology management as a causality to South African company performance. International Business & Economics Research Journal, 14(6):815-828.
  • Macharia, J.K.N. and Pelser, T.G. 2014. Key factors that influence the diffusion and infusion of information and communication technologies in Kenyan higher education. Studies in Higher Education, 39(4):695-709. DOI:10.1080/03075079.2012.729033
  • Pelser, T.G. 2014. Sustaining industry leadership through technology strategy dimensions. Journal of Applied Business Research, 30(3):763-782.
  • Pelser, T. and Prinsloo, H. 2014. Technology management and the link with technology strategy and company performance. Proceedings of the Global Business and Technology Association’s 16th Annual International Conference, Baku, Azerbaijan, 8 – 12 July 2014. (Best Paper Award)
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